Amy Reichelt ANZOS-OSSANZ-AOCO Joint Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Amy Reichelt

Dr Amy Reichelt is an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow (2014-2017) and lecturer at RMIT University. She completed her PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience at Cardiff University, UK in 2011. A major focus of her research is how our modern day “obesogenic” diets impact on neural processes essential for learning, memory and cognition. To examine the impact of diet on behaviour, she uses a variety of behavioural procedures to measure changes in sociability, memory, emotions and impulsivity. To determine neurobiological changes that underpin alterations in behaviour she utilises molecular biology techniques to establish diet-evoked changes to neuronal populations and gut microbiota. This research is being carried out with the ultimate goal of developing an evidence-based public health message for the prevention of cognitive and mood disorders. She has published her research in high-impact manuscripts in the neuroscience field including Journal of Neuroscience, Neuropsychopharmacology, Molecular Psychiatry, and Learning and Memory.

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