Mini Oral ANZOS-OSSANZ-AOCO Joint Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Banded Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – Two year results.   (#200)

Harsha Chandraratna 1 , Angela Houston 1 , Paige Sweeney 2
  1. Unversity of Notra Dame, Perth, WA, Australia
  2. Clinical Support , Obesity Surgery , Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Sleeve Gastrectomy has now become a major part of bariatric surgery. It’s effectiveness and quality of life has made it a popular choice amongst surgeons and patients. One of the main concerns however has been the durability of the operation and the risk of weight regain that may require a further intervention. To prevent this, adding a loose non adjustable silicone band (ring) to the initial procedure has been introduced.


The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of this Banded LSG (BLSG) in terms of weight loss and to determine what the effect of the band is on weight loss.


44 patients who received a BLSG were compared to 13 patients who received a LSG. All data of the included patients was retrospectively collected from personal health records and completed with data from phone calls with the patients. Differences in Body Mass Index, Total Body Weight Loss were analysed.


At baseline, mean age was 46.8 years (28-67) years for BSLG and 41.4 (24-59) years for LSG (control group). Mean BMI was 42.3 (31.2-76.0) for BSLG compared with 45.1 (38.3-54.6) for LSG. There were no intraoperative complications. At 24 months there was 80% Excess weight loss with LBSG compared with 70% with the LSG.


The BLSG is an effective bariatric procedure in terms of weight loss after two-year follow-up with results better than LSG alone. This study suggests that banding a sleeve gastrectomy may reduce stretch of the sleeve and create a more durable operation. Further prospective, randomized controlled trials need to be performed to make a definitive conclusion about the reflux subject and long-term studies need to be performed to evaluate if the band reduces pouch dilatation and thus reduces weight regain.