Poster Presentation ANZOS-OSSANZ-AOCO Joint Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Single anastomosis bypass: One year results from 100 consecutive patients (#224)

Joshua Salim 1 , David Mitchell , David Martin , Craig Taylor
  1. Concord Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Purpose: Laparoscopic single anastomosis is an alternative to the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y bypass, which is considered the gold standard in the treatment of morbid obesity. We look at the 12 month outcomes of our first 100 patients from 2014-2016.

Method: A retrospective review of a prospectively collected database of 100 patients undergoing laparoscopic single loop anastomosis performed by two surgeons. Morbidity, weight loss and comorbidities were assessed. Weight loss was assessed as a percentage of excess weight loss. Follow up was assessed up to 24 months post-operatively.

Results: There were 71 females and 29 males. The average pre-operative BMI was 47.1. Comorbidities included diabetes mellitus (65%), hypertension (43%), Sleep apnoea (27%) and dyslipidaemia (30%). 21% of patients had a prior history of either gastric banding or sleeve gastrectomy. There were no deaths. Morbidity was 8% with 1 anastomotic leak, 1 internal hernia, 2 marginal ulcers and 4 anastomotic strictures. Mean excess weight loss percentage was 44%, 63.7% and 79.5% at 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. 90% of patients with diabetes were off treatment at 12 months and 100% had improved diabetes control.

Conclusions: Single loop anastomosis bypass is a safe and effective procedure with excellent weight loss and co-morbidity resolution, particularly diabetes.