Barbora de Courten ANZOS-OSSANZ-AOCO Joint Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Barbora de Courten

Professor Barbora de Courten is a professor at Monash Centre for Research and Implementation, School of Public Health, Monash University. She a general physician with experience in clinical research, epidemiology and public health in the area of non-communicable disease in particular in obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Her research focuses on chronic low-grade inflammation as a predictor of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and novel preventive interventions that can modulate risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases via reduction in chronic inflammation and advanced glycation. Barbora described 17 predictors and 4 genetic determinants of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes, elucidated pathways by which chronic low-grade inflammation causes diabetes and their relative contribution in humans. More recently, she investigated anti-inflammatory therapy, diet low in advanced glycation endproducts, vitamin D and carnosine supplementation as strategies to reduce risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Barbora is involved in national and interventional peer review, is on Editorial boards of 3 journals and NHMRC and DART grant review panels. She is also an active member of Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA) Advisory Group and Eli Lilly Innovation Advisory group.

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